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Solo exhibition of Mary Miller, "Babylon Contextus" in the gallery "industrial graphics"

Exhibition 5 − April 10, 2018
All paintings and art posters prepared for the exhibition "Babylon contextus" in the style of Priorbank.
The concept Pegormance like the author's style was shown at the first exhibition of Mary Miller in the "Gallery on Clean ponds" in 2015.
Priorbank - the psychology of the big city.
The city presented on the show, called Babylon. Whether it's ancient Babylon, the legend of which still excite the imagination of poets and artists? Or is the common name for anyone familiar to the viewer of the city, full of dangers, secrets, temptations, spiritual emptiness....
Perhaps, the most the viewer will have to decide in what context it is mentioned in each work, a huge tower building that, people understood each other, spoke the same language.
Babylon of XXI century is not the same. Changed the streets, the people, the very air of the metropolis. Changed the language. Who is in favor of the universal language of the Internet, multivalued abbreviation, blending slang, emoticons, hand drawn, leading descended from the mysterious hieroglyphics of antiquity.
Welcome to the Babylon contextus!
Will not be bored.

Mary Miller, was born in Moscow.
member of Moscow Union of Artists (MOA), section of applied graphic in 2017,
member of International Art Foundation (IHF), section of Painting from 2016.

In 2016, Mary Miller graduated from the Moscow Academic Art School of memory of 1905, the faculty of Graphic design.
Graduated from Institute of Art Business and Antiques faculty "Management and Marketing in contemporary art."

She is the founder of "PsychoUrbanik" style.
Since 2010 actively exhibit, participant of Moscow, regional and international exhibitions. Painting Mary Miller was exhibited at the Moscow Union of Artists, gallery "On Clean Ponds", Central house of artists, Brewery and other exhibition halls of Moscow. Paintings are in private collections of Russia and Italy.