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Vladimir Garbuz. In the arms of spring

Exhibition March 24 − May 18, 2018
Exhibition"In the arms of spring" in the Kiev art gallery "Manufactory" presents the paintings and sculptural compositions of the artist Vladimir Garbuz. His work is an outstanding heritage of the Ukrainian visual heritage, and the name of the painter has already entered the history of the country's art.

The basis of the exhibition consists of picturesque landscapes - one of the favorite genres of the artist - but this is not the landscape in the traditional sense. His image has a variety of expression and color. They seem to break beyond the limits of the established form and plane, spread in space, time and the perception of the viewer. The author himself calls this direction of painting "cosmogonic impressionism."

The bronze sculptures of the artist, also presented at the exhibition, are made in an impressionistic manner. Thanks to the plastic language, the author successfully conveys the character of the models and the moral depth of the plots.