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Travel of Thomas Cole: Crossing the Atlantic

Exhibition January 30 − May 13, 2018
Metropolitan Museum in New York presents an exhibition «Travel of Thomas Cole: Crossing the Atlantic».

Known as one of America’s foremost landscape painters, Thomas Cole (1801–1848) was born in Northern England at the beginning of the industrial revolution, in his youth immigrated to the United States, and later traveled extensively in England and Italy. After a long creative tour, Cole returned to America to create some of his most ambitious works and inspire a new generation of American artists.

«The Journey of Thomas Cole ...» marks the bicentenary of the first intersection of the Atlantic Ocean by the artist when he emigrated from England to the United States in 1818, and examines in detail Cole’s return to England in 1829–31 and his trip to Italy in 1831–32.

Works created by the artist immediately after his return to New York, between 1832 and 1837, are a kind of creative report on the trip. Cole put his complex impressions of British art and society and Italian history and landscape into these grandiose works.

This exhibition brought to the fore the dialogue between American and European artists of the mid-nineteenth century, studying the works of Thomas Cole in direct comparison with the works he inspired in his journey, including paintings by William Turner, John Constable and others.

The exposition concludes with Cole’s extraordinary heritage in the work of the next generation of American landscape painters.

Based on the materials of the official site Metropolitan Museum.