David Burliuk. Painting

Exhibition April 19 − June 17, 2018
Lviv national Museum named after Andrey Sheptytsky presented the exhibition "David Burliuk. Painting" that included more than 50 works from private collections. This is a unique opportunity to see the work of the "father of Russian futurism" and the flagship of the international avant-garde, the artist and the poet, the publicist, theorist and art historian, one of the organizers of the famous societies "Jack of diamonds" and "Donkey's tail". That is, he was the author of the futurist Manifesto "a slap in the face to public taste", in which it called for — no more, no less — "to reset the classics from the ship of modernity".

Perhaps David Burliuk was noted in all the many artistic directions, actively developing in the early twentieth century; his seething innovative vision of art touched so many contemporary artists.

The works in the exhibition the viewer can clearly distinguish the "three pillars" of futurism which was invented and preached by David Burliuk: disharmony, asymmetry and desconstruction. The defining features of this movement were the rejection of traditional culture and its moral and artistic values, the pursuit of innovation, the cultivation of urbanism, interweaving of documentary material with fantastic. The current exhibition is dominated by three main themes: image of women, still life and surrealist works.