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Albion. Personal exhibition of Mat collishaw

Exhibition February 2 − June 2, 2018
Gary Tatintsian gallery presents a solo exhibition of Mat collishaw "Albion" – one of the key characters in the history of British modern art, is among the founders and leaders of the movement of Young British Artists.

The exhibition includes paintings and three of the most well-known project of Mat collishaw, made over the past three years: "Black mirror" (2017), Albion (2017) and "All falls down" (2014-2017). These projects demonstrate the fascination that the British artist of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque, gloomy spirit of Gothic novels, and optical devices of the Victorian era.

Objects from the series "Black mirrors" – works by Niccolo Renieri and Vlaho of Bukovica, like ghosts, appear in the mirror, framed in black Murano glass.

Work "All falls down", created for the Galleria Borghese in Rome, enlivens the well-known biblical story about the slaughter of babies in Bethlehem and is a reference to the picture of Ippolito scarsella the "massacre of the innocents". Consisting of 300 individual figures, the Zoetrope is programmed to rotate at a speed of 60 rpm, and a synchronized led light bulb blink 18 times per second. All this unusual action creates the illusion of motion – the effect of "moving pictures".

The work of "Albion" – the projection of the famous oak tree in Sherwood forest of Nottingham, symbolizing the idea of a living being, forever captured by a human to recreate the illusion of life. The trunk of the Millennium tree, dying for several centuries, the fortified complex steel structures, has been carefully scanned and reproduced using the latest technology.

Continues the theme of a series of hyperrealistic paintings by "Bragging" (2017) – images of garden birds, referring to the popular in the XVII century, paintings of birds and animals, Karel Fabricius and the works of the Dutch masters.

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