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Exhibition 23 − May 27, 2018

Friends at the time

May 23, 2018 in the gallery "industrial graphics MA" exhibition prepared by the House of abstract painting KollerArtHouse, "Friends in time", representing the artist Alexander Dobritsyna in the context of a creative environment, the origins of which fell on the middle of the last century. The exhibition presents drawings and paintings, the originals of book illustrations Alexander Dobritsyna, Boris zhutovsky, Boris Kyshtymova and Valery Yurlov. They are all graduates of the Moscow polygraphic Institute the mid 50-ies of the University, which had the status of a very liberal educational institutions, providing the right start in the future to its graduates.

Time that brought them together and was largely determined by similarities in their biographies - study at the Institute, the first independent steps typically associated with work in the field of book design and book illustration, someone gradual shift from working with publishers , often spanning years, and the beginning of the realization of their own artistic projects, while also ensuring the possibility of self-determination and self-affirmation as an independent creative personalities.

The main thing that unites the artists whose works are on display – an innovative revolutionary transformation, each of them perfect in their field. Alexander Dobrinin created a new format of the magazine which was the magazine "Knowledge - force", which entered the history of Soviet publishing, when the possibility of upgrading within the publishing was severely limited, switched on the realization of own creative projects, creating an extensive series of graphic works and paintings. Boris Zhutovski one of the brightest representatives of his generation, in fact created a new image of the Soviet artist – a man of wide culture, varied interests, high professionalism, ability to solve a variety of tasks, from creating abstract compositions to an impressive portrait series. Boris Kyshtymov one of the founders and legislators of the children's science-fiction books, it is since he designed the books began the story of a full revival of this genre in our country. Valery Yurlov – the most consistent adept of abstract art in Russia in the period of his studies at the Institute who formulated the basic creative tasks, commitment to the decision and reinterpretation which has enabled him to become one of the most influential Russian artists.

The exhibition, in addition to focus on the work of individual artists, specific to understudied period in the cultural life of the country's recent past and, as a consequence, this gives an opportunity to reconsider and rethink some of the myths closely connected with this theme.