Thomas Cole. From Eden to Empire

Exhibition June 11 − October 7, 2018
This summer the national gallery in London presents a retrospective of the British Thomas Cole (1801 – 1848), who moved to the United States and is recognized there by the father of landscape painting. His style is epic perspective, dramatic views of nature and shaped landscapes.

Thomas Cole depict nature in all its strength and vulnerability. His paintings glorify the unique area of the American North-East – at that time still almost untouched – and thus serve as a warning against the barbaric use of natural resources in the era of rapid development of the industry.

The exhibition"Thomas Cole. From Eden to Empire" presents 58 works, mostly borrowed from American museums. Among the exhibits – a cult series of Cole's "the Way of the Empire" (1834/6, the new York historical society) and "View from mount Holyoke after a thunderstorm" (1836, Metropolitan Museum of art, new York). This masterpiece, which brought the artist fame, exhibiting in the UK for the first time.

The Cole painting are shown together with works by British artists, with whom he was personally acquainted, and those who influenced him the most. Among them, William Turner and John constable.