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Venice The Serenissima. Venezia La Serenissima

Exhibition May 16 − August 26, 2018
National Museum of art named after Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko presented an exhibition of Venetian art "Venice Of The Serenissima. Venezia la Serenissima" together with the Lviv national gallery of arts. Boris Voznytsky in the framework of the project "European dimension".

The geographical position of Venice between East and West, famous for its tolerance towards foreigners, its eternal struggle with the elements, the desire for freedom, the polity based on the rule of law and respect for the individual – all this makes the Venetian culture particularly close to us today.

The exhibition presents works of the XVI – XIX as from Venice itself, and created under its influence – portraits and landscape paintings and drawings, in particular, miniature Rosalba Carriera, paintings by Francesco Guardi, Bernardo Bellotto, Gasparo, Diziani, Francesco Fontebasso, the famous Venetian glass and majolica, textiles, and unique pieces of furniture. Most of the works from the collection of the Khanenko Museum display for the first time after a thorough restoration and research.

The Museum is the first project using the mobile application Linzar. In addition to a brief annotation of the exhibition visitors can take advantage of a detailed electronic catalogue, access to which is open in the exhibition halls thanks to the support 3MR Studio.

Photo: Radio Liberty glavcom.ua and the newspaper "Day"