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Harmony of contrasts

Exhibition June 21 − September 30, 2018
Works of the fruitful creative tandem “Elena & Petrovich” are represented in the exhibition project “Harmony of Contrasts”.

The exhibition, as noted by the authors, as a "clash" and "connection" are not similar to each other two artistic individuals with different creative temperaments. The main thing that is the semantic dominant of the project is spiritual interpenetration, and the origins of the artists' inner kinship are laid in the youth of the authors. According to the artists, their “roots” germinated in the united land of Kostroma, the “crown” was formed in the common art school. Elena Kopeikina and Vladimir Kordyukov graduated from the Krasnoselskoye school of artistic metalworking. During the years of study, they grew up, learned about life, developed as creative individuals, and all this happened in a single intellectual and artistic environment.

Elena Kopeykina does not change the once chosen profession, considering herself, above all, an artist-jeweler. Her search for her own artistic language, new means of plastic expression today are in the plane of the existing traditions and knowledge from ancient jewelry artifacts of 10-14 centuries, found by archaeologists in s. Red and the impetus for the development of the Krasnoselsk jewelry industry, to modern trends in the art of famous jewelry schools. The artist in particular is interested in the development of northern jewelry crafts.

Freedom is inherent in the work of Vladimir Kordyukov. He is free to choose types of art. Therefore, the exhibition presents painting, plastic, batik, spatial compositions, collages in a mixed technique, jewelry. The artist is free in the material, using oil paints, pastels, enamel, stone, glass, fabrics. Sometimes a material devoid of artistic value, such as a rusty tin of old roofs, gives a new life, and blowing angels are born in the hands of the master.