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About the exhibition
The Tretyakov gallery presents a special project "Valery Koshlyakov. Roman Prisoner -- or lifting work". This exhibition is the opportunity to see large-scale works Koshlyakov from the vaults of the gallery, which are rarely exhibited because of their exposure carries with it some difficulties because of the fragility of the compositions.

All exhibits eight. But the small number of works kompensiruet their scale and great energy. These large compositions, the basic material of which was the corrugated cardboard, consists of many small fragments (exhibit 72), which are assembled on a plane and create an image of the Roman squares, ancient ruins, embankments and canals of Venice.

Valery Koshlyakov – a modern painter, Creator of large-scale installations, one of the most prominent representatives of the generation of artists who rise to the art scene in the "perestroika" in the 1980-ies.

The exhibition presents works: Night fountain in Rome", 1992 (Photo 5); Battle of lions with a leopard", 1991 (Photo 6); "Venice. Big lagoon", 1991 (Photo 7); ""Rome. Capitol", 1992 (Photo 8); " "Kapitel", 1992; "horse Head", 1992; "Colonnade", 1991-1993, "Reichstag", 1994.

Materials The state Tretyakov gallery.
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