Zoya Falkova. "Znomiy pivostriv / Pivdenny Sibir"

Exhibition 5 − July 15, 2018
Krim’s point of view is revealed in Ukrainian information technology outlets for community initiatives, news about cherished aresht by Krimskotatarsky journalist by Russian special services, or about defamation of the prikordonnogo mode, I’m showing And if it's time to get there, take care of the beach, take care of the bay in Crimea, avenue, create a deed more than foggy - the yak heat is wicked, the yak is in a dark political trick.

The project, the constructions requested by Ukraine artist from Kazakhstan, you can see speculation. Ale krimska situation is important for all of the affected space, especially for the region, between the Russia and the Motherland, and the history of the unforgiveness. Odrazu pіslya krimskih podіy in 2014 in Kazakhstan і vіnkli pobyuvannya, povyazan і p pіvnichnymi areas of the country, and in Russia press reports about Pivdenny Sibir. Thus, Krym for Bagatokh Kazakhstan, becoming a symbol of security, loomed over the land. Ale, yak is not close to usvіdomlyuvati, fear of invading лю лю лю with a “guarantor of stability” for bagatonation of Kazakhstan, as well as striking national attitudes, postcolonial syndrome. Assigning to an arthropod-based robot over a difficult theme, artist Zoya Falkova rozmirkovuv about nature, about fear, about fear, about spilna for injured land stories.

The robot Zoia Falkova Victoristans see Krimu, vidshukanі at Kiev flea markets, as well as the pra-chu pavukіv-ptahoidv pidvidu Holothele incei, Pterinochilus murinus and Ceratogyrus darlingi.

Zoya Falkova is an artist who lives and works in Almaty, Kazakhstan. At the number of exhibitions and festivals of the modern city near the European and Central Asian countries, the zokrem has taken part in the 57th Venetsiysky biennial of Kazakhstan from the non-European Pavilion. In 2017, rotsi were nominated at the Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation Art Prize in Singapore. Zoya Falkova tsikavitsya doslіdzhennyam і deconstructive colonial і postcolonіalnyh practices (gender, political, eco-logical toes). Pratsyuє in the genres інстляції, ob'єktu, medіa-artu, photography, painting, graphic arts, page of poetic text. Find out more about Robot www.romovayababa.com.

Residencies in Falkovo Vidbuvatsya within the framework of the program Residences Platform ART PROSPECT www.artprospect.org, which is not a commercial organization CEC ArtsLink.

The project will be developed with the help of a lita, presentation of the results will follow the 2018 fate.

Organizator: CSM / Foundation Center of the Modern Art and Open Place.

Partners to the project: Platform of cultural innovations ІЗОЛЯЦІЯ, BugDesing.