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About the exhibition
The exhibition "the world of refined Japanese things", demonstrates the unique personal belongings of the artist-traveler that entered the Museum's collection: wedding vase bronze casting with the image of storks; a bronze vase for festive bouquets with handles in the form of a chrysanthemum, symbol of Imperial Japan; functional Cabinet for paints; Japanese table with a painting on wood with a double-layered black lacquer coating and, finally, Japanese bronze "Dragon".
Unfortunately, the visit to Japan was the last voyage of the great painter of battle scenes, the memory of which are stored his personal belongings, presented in memorial hall of the Museum.
The exhibition also involved items that give an idea about the peculiarities of Japanese culture and arts: patterns of Japanese life, national costume, utensils for tea ceremony, items for practicing calligraphy, porcelains, small plastic, toys, umbrellas, brightly colored fabrics, postcards and photographs of contemporary Japan, and the like.
Complement the exhibition a series of paintings of the Nikolaev artist Valery Kuptsov, dedicated to Japan. In the paintings of the artist, a fearless and mighty heroes, fragile sophisticated Amazon woman with a mysterious rozkosny eyes.
The exhibition is held within the framework of economic and cultural cooperation of Ukraine with Japan and with the support of the Nikolaev educational society of Japanese culture "Tachikaze".
We invite you to visit the Nikolaev regional art Museum im. V. V. Vereshchagin and expand your horizons with wonderful communication!
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