Personal exhibition of Anatoly Itkin

Exhibition 12 − July 29, 2018
In the Museum and exhibition complex School watercolor from 12 July to 29 July 2018. held a personal exhibition of a remarkable artist, renowned Illustrator and graphic Anatoly Z. Itkin. Honored artist of Russia, member of the Union of artists of the USSR Anatoliy Zinovyevich is one of the outstanding representatives of the famous "school dehtereva".

The exhibition will feature the work of the author, executed in watercolor theme. Gorgeous landscapes, still lifes, as well as original illustrations to the first and the most famous historical novel by M. TWAIN "the Prince and the pauper".

Anatoly Itkin worked as Illustrator in many Moscow publishing house: "Detskaya Literatura", "Baby", "Soviet Russia" etc. For his creative work Anatoliy Zinovyevich made illustrations for a huge number of books – from children's fairy tales to Russian and foreign classics.

Illustrations of the artist is always striking in its realism. But is this effect due to the painstaking preliminary work, Anatoly Z.: a careful study of the works, biographies of the author, his time and style, etc.

The work of Anatoly Itkin are in the collection of the State Tretyakov gallery, the State Pushkin Museum, the Central Museum of A. S. Pushkin in St.-Petersburg the State literary Museum, the Literary Museum of A. N. Tolstoy in Samara, the Museum-reserve "Abramtsevo", Tver regional Museum and in private collections in Russia, Yugoslavia, Israel, USA, Germany and South Korea.

Anatoliy Zinovyevich, despite his venerable age, he continues his labor of love and not think to stop.