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About the exhibition
January 31, 2017 on the occasion of the jeweler in Nikolaevsk the regional art Museum im. V. V. Vereshchagin begins its work the exhibition "Nicholas jewelers." The exposition includes works by famous Nikolaev masters of the older generation - Alexander Kashmiri, Vladimir Turov, Sklyar, Anatoly, Valery, Krupenko, Sergei Roslyakova, Vladimir and Alexander Tarnavsky Katilova.
In the works presented at the exhibition, organically interwoven three elements, without which the goldsmith's art: natural minerals, the work of an artist-jeweler and jewelry role in shaping the aesthetic taste of the modern man.
Each of the artists, exhibitors, deeply individual, each has its own unique style.
Jewelry art is a manufacturer of various products, usually from precious metals, using gems. First things served not only for beauty, but also in order to emphasize the high social status of owner or owner. Also ornaments are often attributed magical functions. They were used, for example, as protective amulets and talismans. History of jewelry goes back to antiquity. First, creating jewelry did not provide any treatment. Over the centuries art has evolved, craftsmen have created a more sophisticated and refined decoration.
In our day, jewelry craft, apparently, even more than before, becomes art. Decorations are one of the forms of creative expression. Modern businesses use more professional tools and materials available. While many products are made from synthetic materials. And although they can't surpass the beauty and perfection of natural stones, yet adequately compete with them. Contemporary jewelry art worthily continues the tradition of the old masters. And the use of new technologies allows to create more unusual and interesting decorations.
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