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Masterpieces of Church Art in Bulgaria

Exhibition June 29 − September 2, 2018
The State Tretyakov Gallery presents an exhibition "Masterpieces of Bulgarian Church Art".

The unique exhibits of the exhibition - ancient icons and manuscripts, sewing, liturgical utensils - allow you to join the rich spiritual heritage of the country and trace the main stages of the history of Bulgarian culture and art from the Byzantine era to the period of the National Revival of the 8th-8th centuries, when the local schools of iconography began to take shape.

In the sources of both Russian and Bulgarian religious art lies Byzantine culture. But, in spite of this, both Russians and Bulgarians created their own unique style of icon painting. It is possible to trace a close connection with the Eastern Christian Empire, for example, by studying the Savior's belt image on the obverse side of the two-sided image "Christ Pantocrator. Christ in the Casket "from St. Stephen's Church in Nessebar. The painting of the front side dates back to the 13th century, the turnover - XVII-XVIII centuries.

Based on the materials of the official site The State Tretyakov Gallery.

Picture 1-5. Report from the exhibition.
Photo 6. Air. The first half of the XVI century. Red silk, cotton lining, silver and gold threads, sewing. 56х42 cm. National Historical Museum, Sofia.
Photo 7. Mitra. Venice. The beginning of the XVIІІ century. Gold, silver, precious stones, multicolored enamel, filigree, granules. National History Museum, Sofia.
Photo 8. The Royal Gates. The first half of the XVI century. Wood, tempera, carving. 141,5х84х4 cm. National Historical Museum, Sofia.
Photo 9. Cross. Master Costa Demetrius from Linotopi. 1786. Silver, colored glass, corals; forging, cloisonne enamel, filigree, gilding. 57 × 23 × 3 cm. National Historical Museum, Sofia.