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Exhibition September 13 − October 15, 2018

Messengers of Peace

The exhibition “Messengers of the World”, which has already managed to conquer London, is impressive in its images, performance skill and impressive format of work performed exclusively in pencil, much of which is presented in the currently fashionable direction - hyperrealism.
His characters live a special life, trying to tell the viewer something very exciting, allowing you to convey their silent message.
The works presented at the exhibition captivate with their special magical-fascinating and positive-emotional energy, each of which can be traced surprisingly incredible love, respect and devotion to nature.
Sergei Stroganov creates his drawings on the basis of peace and goodness. That is why his work “The Messengers of Peace” is so impressive, which guesses the works of Pablo Picasso and is unusually touching “The Dances of Loggerhead”.
Also noteworthy is the triptych "I do not see", "I do not hear", "I will not say." It is unlikely that in nature one can meet the behavior of animals, which so closely matches the titles of these works, but the art of the artist allows us to take a fresh look at the world around us and on ourselves. One can hardly see in nature the flying tusks of a savanna elephant, a white rhino or a walrus, so closely intertwined with the works of Salvador Dali, but so naturally noticed by the artist the cause of the extermination of these animals. And it is unlikely that the roar of the Japanese cranes can be perceived differently than as an appeal for salvation.
In many of his drawings, the eyes of animals are very expressive, which makes the essence of living nature more palpable and brings us closer to self-knowledge. The images of animals with calves are especially sensually conveyed, so the touching family of Bison family with surprisingly heartfelt eyes of the characters, the Sumatran Orangutan with the thought of a lost baby and its replaced toy, appear from under the artist's pencil. Nubian ibex "frolicking" Panda "on a typical Russian rocking chair with Gzhel patterns, playing" White Bear. Game ".