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About the exhibition
On September 21, the art space of Lera Litvinova Gallery presents a personal exhibition of Evgeny Shapovalov “Nude in Flowers”. Lera Litvinova Gallery seeks to acquaint art lovers with the works of modern Ukrainian artists and arranges various art projects and exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad.

The works of Yevgeny Shapovalov complement the collections of art lovers from around the world. The author combines different genres of painting, confidently combining abstraction, nudes, landscapes and still lifes. In the works of Shapovalov there are features of cubism - the artist skillfully combines natural images with straight lines, squares and edges, placing flowers in geometric figures or hyperbolizing a naked body.

The work of Yevgeny Shapovalov can be partially compared with the work of the English artist Francis Bacon. Both artists accentuate the audience’s attention on the human body, improvising and vividly depicting human nature, adding geometric figures and sculptural features. But while Bacon sticks to a gloomy and depressed mood, fills the work with grotesque shades, distorts parts of the body, distorts them to indicate the tragedy of existence, Yevgeny Shapovalov tries to depict the beauty of the human body. Ukrainian author portrays the feminine nature of a gentle and immediate, emphasizing its shape. The artist's works are striking in their originality, intimacy and asymmetry, and at the same time attract the viewer with aesthetics and a harmonious combination of geometric with natural images.

Yevgeny Shapovalov often uses pastel in his work - a mineral pigment, which is the fundamental principle of colors. Pastel ideally emphasizes what the author is trying to express, because this material is intimate and tender. Technique pastels originated in the XV century. It requires use on a rough or hairy basis to keep the powder, so in ancient times pastels were painted on suede. Pastel was used by such eminent artists as Leonardo da Vinci, Delacroix, Edgar Degas, Jean Etienne Liotard.

The project curator is Leonora Yanko, art critic, art manager and director of the Lera Litvinova Gallery. She notes: “Yevgeny Shapovalov’s style is unique, it’s easy to recognize and impossible to forget. The author is endowed with an incredible sense of aesthetics, which he skillfully transfers to the canvas, mixing cubic forms with familiar images, living and inanimate nature. The artist's works force the viewer to peer into each element of the composition and look for new details among the mosaic that are imperceptible at first glance. ”

Kiev, Yevgeny Gutsala Lane, 3
Free admission., e-mail: tel. 050 033 33 17
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