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Exhibition of works by Faibisovich Cement "my Moscow"

Exhibition January 25 − March 1, 2017
Since the early 80-ies of the last century, the painter creates a portrait of the Soviet era, as it turned out later — leaving. In 2007, after a twelve-year break, he returned to painting to create a portrait of an already new era, whose image is brightened, and again drew it.

The exhibition presents two new/recent thematic cycle Seeds Faibisovich — "My yard" and "Kazan", the main heroine of which was his Muse in Moscow. These two series are on different poles of life: draw space for all your private, intimate, dynamic, endless movement to and fro-and static; transient, existing for only an instant, and enduring, endlessly repeated... "That is these two series in some ways "extreme" in the spectrum of my statements about Moscow, and some close to each other, the life that all the time you have at hand and nose, which years watch and learn", – says the author.

"My yard" is the broadest of all cycles Faibisovich on genre range: in addition to scenes and portraits, landscapes, clean textures, the views from the balcony... In a series of "Kazanskiy V." the emphasis on the dramatic color and black and white effects that convey the tension, the expression of station life. More formal searches range from "new expression" to the nods to various historical and more styles from Caravaggio to the Peredvizhniki and the Impressionists. In General, more games, while in "the Yard" the emphasis on the psychological state and state of nature.
In his work Simon Faibisovich remains true to itself: has a conversation with the audience about the inconspicuous, inconspicuous life that everyone in front of the eyes, which is simply not notice. About the reality that changes all the time, while not changing the main. About our life, the time in which the thing appears like timelessness.

"It excites me life, not art," Simon Faibisovich.

4 th Syromyatnichesky lane, D. 1
105120, Moscow, Russia
Tel.+7 495 228 1330

Monday-Friday, 11.00-20.00
Saturday-Sunday, 12.00-20.00