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About the exhibition
The Worcester Museum of Art presents an exhibition "The Poetry of Nature: Landscapes of the Hudson River School of the New York Historical Society".
The exhibition consists of 40 works by 25 artists, created from 1818 to 1886. The paintings are made in the style of the Hudson River School and are even more enriched by the individual vision of each artist.

The exhibition also provides an opportunity to explore the exchange of views among a group of artists whose social and professional connections in New York have created a particular artistic movement, which we now know as the Hudson River School.

The exhibits illustrate America’s majestic landscape grandeur, seen through the eyes of some of the country's most famous painters. Among them are works by Thomas Cole, Asher B. Duran, Jasper Cropsi, John F. Kensett, William T. Richards, Albert Birstadt and others. These artists conveyed not only the greatness of America, but also the image of a man living in harmony with nature.

Based on the materials of the official site Worcester Museum of Art.
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