Pavlovna Klushina

Russia • Svetlograd • born in 1977 • artist
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Biography and information

I love to draw! But I have never studied it officially anywhere. I only once studied in an art studio for a few years. Artistic creativity is one of many hobbies for me. You could say that I am a free artist. I draw only when I want to, when I'm in a good mood for it, when I can't not draw.

Periods of drawing/not drawing in my life are very uneven. Then I draw and can't draw, and then for a long time I forget this activity. That I draw small formatting gel pen, pencils and felt-tip pens, and then suddenly begin to daub large watercolor paintings. I paint in oil or pastels. I draw from pictures and photos, I invent from my head, I go to plein airs, or I do it all together and at once. I like to mix everything I have at hand from materials - I experiment.

All my paintings are very different, just like myself at different times in my life. In any case, they all reflect my state of mind at the time of their painting.

Every artist always paints himself, whether he wants to or not, and I am no exception. So I will tell you a little about myself as a person.

I was born and grew up in the south of Russia in the city of Stavropol. From childhood I dreamed of becoming a journalist, but I didn't give up and studied to become an economist. However, after working after university in my specialty for a few years, and realizing how much it all disgusts me, I went into free swimming. I have done everything I have done over the years until I finally settled on my land in the Stavropol Territory, specifically in the village of Orekhovka (the nearest district center where there are transport companies is Svetlograd).

Living now in seclusion on my Estate. I am writing a book about my life, stories, fairy tales, articles, poems and diaries. I take care of the land, pick herbs and berries, love fresh fruit, swimming, running and cycling. Crafts - knitting, embroidery, weaving, mandalas, sewing, burning and anything else I can get my hands on. I also invent when I create something from nothing. I love to read and learn new things.

But if I were to say in general what I'm doing is learning to love and trust God!