Vladimirovich Pukirev

Russia • 1832−1890
Vasily Vladimirovich Pukirev (1832, p. Luzhniki, Kashirsky district of the Tula province — 1890, Moscow) Russian painter, son of a peasant, who became an academician and Professor of painting.

The features of creativity of Vasily Pukirev: wrote custom portraits, created genre works, interested in different topics - this peasant life, and the merchant life, and historical subjects.

Famous paintings of the artist Vasily Pukirev: "The unequal marriage","Sexton explains to the peasants the picture of the last judgment", "Player", "The dowry (the dowry Receiving a merchant family painting".

The most famous work that made him famous – "the Unequal marriage". In a sense, Pukirev was held hostage by her remained in the memory of contemporaries and descendants the author of one picture. And it's not really fair, because the interesting things there and in addition to this cloth is enough.

About the life of artist Vasily Pukirev little is known, and what is known, largely fanned by a romantic veil, associated with the very famous painting "the Unequal marriage". Initially, the fate of the artist Pukirev was very favorable. A native of the peasants, he studied in a parochial school in the Luzhniki stadium in Tula province, and was noticed in special love for drawing. Soon the boy got into the Studio of Mogilev painter, who gave him his first lessons picturesque. Sixteen Pukirev entered the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture. He studied under the guidance Sergey Zaryanko.

Pukirev took a brisk start of the peasant's son made his way "the people" and for 18 years received the title of teacher of drawing, and to the 23rd – the title of class artist. Three years later he graduated from College at the rank of a free artist.

The Imperial Academy of arts highly appraised the achievements of peasant's son: 28 years old and already an academician. The following year Pukirev settled in a government apartment and began teaching in the School of painting, sculpture and architecture.

Painting by Vasily Pukirev "Unequal marriage"

Meaningful in his life time: 1862 – the peak of glory, the top! Pukirev wrote and made famous the picture with the speaker called "the Unequal marriage", and it created a furor. Artist – in the heyday of his fame, he's got a lot of orders teaching in the School is also going well. And we remember that originally, all this was not written by him in the genus. Surely he perceived the success of sharper than a spoiled aristocrat or favorite child in a family of artists and musicians, which from birth all the way open.

In General, live and be happy, seize the moment and enjoy the luck it would seem. What makes Vasily Pukirev? At this point in his biography, as a rule, are sparingly reported that the artist filed a petition for foreign journey "for viewing art galleries... and artistic works". And leaving it in the middle of the school year. Of course, familiarity with the painting in Europe – not a link to the Kolyma, but still too fast, really enjoying his own triumph, Pukirev then left Russia. Or even fled? There is a version that is running, and read the description of the picture. Without women there has not been, just say. And financed this and the next trip abroad Pukirev his companion, Moscow collector Alexander Borisov. He, incidentally, became the first owner of the painting, but later "the Unequal marriage" I bought him for fifteen hundred rubles (a very considerable sum in those days) Pavel Tretyakov.

Fortune turned against the artist

Further personal life of the artist Vasily Pukirev shrouded in mystery. But in one letter of the artist Nevrev to Pavel Tretyakov mentioned some lady Pukirev. It was Sophie Terekhova, under Pukirev for 13 years.

It should be understood that in those days, the lack of a ring and an official status put women in an extremely vulnerable position. Meanwhile, contemporaries said that Pukirev was always groomed, bathed, well dressed. Looks like this is another dramatic page – in a woman's life caught up with him. She probably loved him. Did he see her? Well, it was impossible not to understand what it means for women at the time did not have any status. The refusal to give it is clearly not evidence in favor of Sophia, which was never destined to actually become Mrs. Pokereval.

After the "Unequal marriage" by Vasili Pukirev has not created any paintings that you would put on a par with this. Honestly, it's not very fair, he has very interesting work. In particular, the artist, with fine psychological insight, sarcasm and sarcasm were able to convey a dual mood, ironic subtext, so clearly shines through apparent at first glance. What is a great "Acceptance of dowry in a merchant family painting". And what a storm of feelings in the eyes artist exhibiting in the Studio of his paintingsand contemplating the arrogant face of the customer!

But luck turned away from him, and his new work was met with indifference. However, the unfortunate among them are also missing. Since the 1870-ies of the health of the artist continued unabated, and soon he was forced to abandon teaching. Modest pension hardly sufficed on life. Pukirev sold his small collection of pictures, and then he and his unwed wife came face to face with distress. A smile of fortune in his life was short, and the author of "Unequal marriage" died in poverty, forgotten by almost all.

Author: Alain Esaulova
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