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The Labyrinth of History

L'exposition 20 octobre 2017 − 20 octobre
The exhibition will introduce visitors with the main events of the first century of Russian cinematography.
The exhibition is divided into six sections: Attraction (pre-revolutionary cinema of the 1890s-1910s), Experiment (revolutionary and avant-garde 1920s), Triumph and Tragedy (Stalinist and war-time cinema, 1930s-40s), Poetry (Thaw cinema, 1950s-60s), Confessions (intellectual and authorial cinema, 1970s), Protest (Perestroika era, 1980s).
Each section has interactive attractions for visitors. Immersing yourself in history, creating the effect of presence is one of the main goals of this exhibition. With the help of new technologies and figurative means of modern art, viewers will be able to feel the authentic atmosphere of those times.
History will become closer - and isn't that the main task of any museum? To make the past a part of the present, a personal and valuable asset for everyone who lives today and builds tomorrow.
Galleries at the exhibition