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L'exposition 14 juillet − 15 octobre
About the exhibit: artishokcente…chki_opory

14.07.2023 - 15.10.2023

Hours of operation:
tues-Fri 12:00-19:00

Artishok Cultural Center
Novoslobodskaya, 45B

Free admission

Give me a fulcrum, and I'll turn the Earth upside down
Archimedes of Syracuse

In physics, a fulcrum is a fixed point on which the arms of a lever rest and around which the arms rotate. That is, in essence, it is the place on which the force rests. The human body has a skeleton - a supporting skeleton, thanks to which we can stand, sit, walk. What is the supporting structure of the human inner world? What makes us able to get out of bed every day? What allows the soul to recover from anxiety, to overcome obstacles and trials? What enables us to feel calmer, more confident, to take every next step, to develop?

Small joys, home, family and places of strength, reliance on one's inner world or the search for meaningful social connections... Artists explore sources of inspiration, joy, sustainability, harmony through different mediums, trying to build a dialog with the viewer and find an emotional response.

This exhibition should be seen as a quest, as a journey, as a journey that we embark on in order to learn more about ourselves, to remind ourselves of what allows us to stand on our own feet, and maybe even to learn how to give support to our loved ones. The safe, careful space of the exhibition is filled with many details and surprises that will allow the viewer to become a co-participant in the artistic process, to let the metaphors pass through them and to receive a powerful charge of energy.

Olya Shmukler

SHOW COURATORS: Olya Shmukler, Katya Sidorenkova

ARTISHOK CULTURAL CENTER COMMAND: Alina Voronaya, Milena Zakharenkova, Ira Ivanova

DESIGN: Alisa Loza