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Exhibition of the artist group "Stone Island"

L'exposition 24 septembre − 3 octobre
September 24 through October 3.

You can see the works of such artists as: Barseghyan R.O., Veselova O.N., Gotgelf Y.A., Demidova S.V., Elekoyeva N.R., Zagorskaya V.F., Ionin F.A., Kert A.B., Kulikova V.V., Miller Y.K., Natarevich E.M., Nekrasov A.V., Nikitina I.V., Popova T.L., Smirnov B.G., Spiridonova V.D., Stenina A.N., Turenko O.S., Fadeenko S.T., Kharatyan T.N., Yakovleva A.I.

All participants teach at the St. Petersburg Children's Art School named after B.M. Kustodiev, which is located on Stone Island. This year, 2023, the school celebrates its 50th anniversary.

The exhibition in our space features: works in watercolor, acrylic, pastel, tempera, pen, linocuts, sculpture and even photographs of ice sculptures.

Since 2001, the creative community has been called the "Stone Island" group of artists. Participants of the group are distinguished by style and genre diversity, works are made in different types of fine arts.

What unites them? A deep conviction that only a working artist who creates his works can pass on his mastery to his students, teach the basics of art, professional literacy.
Galleries at the exhibition