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Three studies for figures at the base of a crucifixion (second version)

Painting, 1988, 198×147.5 cm

Description of the artwork «Three studies for figures at the base of a crucifixion (second version)»

In 1945, Francis bacon made the world quiet down, revealing him "Three studies for figures at the base of a crucifixion" one of his most vehement frightening and inexplicable works. Bacon himself considered it his first big success, he put a lot of effort to collect and destroy all that he had written to her. Nearly half a century later he returned to where he started – rewrote "Three studies" in fine scarlet.

Sometimes classical recordings lose after remastering something subtle, but powerful in sound. "Etudes" was something like this: to reach the size and appearance of the gloss, they are significantly lost in the primitive chthonic horror. The original "Etudes" roared the audience right in the face. The remake is just begging to be expensive.

Critics met it cool. One of the most sympathetic and accurate statements to the picture belongs to writer Jonathan Littell, who wrote: "bacon freely immature rudeness, pulsating primitive anger and wild energy of the original for the magnificent lyrical elegance – dark, sensual and, most importantly, imbued with the spirit of painting".

"Sketches" of 1944 it was interesting to analyze on the subject of influences, sources of inspiration driving the hand of bacon in addition, and maybe against his will. Is it by chance the figure on the left is so similar to the famous photograph of the medium Eva carrier made in 1920 by the Baron von Shrenk-Nottingham? Whether the buttocks biomorph on the Central leaf of a triptych reminiscent of contours "Venus with a mirror"so beloved bacon Velasquez? And patch is his (her?) on the eyes – maybe bacon quotes"Mockery Of Christ" Matthias Grunewald? The list goes on.

With the updated "Sketches" everything was already more or less clear, and the cultural intrigue is no longer agitated hot heads. The audience became more sophisticated – including on the part of the diverse cultural horror. The yard was 88th. Stephen king wrote long ago "the Shining", Spielberg directed "Jaws," David Lynch (by the way, big fan of bacon) has brought to television the outline of the "twin Peaks". To scare the world has become more complicated, Yes bacon, it seems, haven't tried. So why would he want to Peresecina one of their biggest horror hits?

The same Jonathan Littell advises to pay attention to one important detail: among other things the "Etudes" of the 88th Francis bacon shows the audience a bolt.

In the original version of the triptych tripod on the Central fold is sketched briefly – it is rather indicated than written. In the remake of the tripod is reproduced by the standards of the bacon carefully and realistic. Two wood plates are fastened by massive bolts and a steel plate which is used to repair old furniture. According to Littell, overwriting the triptych, bacon subconsciously looking for support. He was 79. In a year he will remove the kidney through three he will die. His body needed repair. His erratic, reckless life I needed at least the illusion of stability. Whatever courage bacon in their favourite pubs in SOHO, he felt it.

"Great lyrical elegance" later "Etudes", its restrained palette and adjusted proportions more in line with the worldview of bacon on the threshold of the ninth decade: rage permanently and not quite conscious revolt gave way to a calm realization of the inevitable. That left biomorph (formerly blind man) there was something like sight. Reality is still scary, but fear too late. Yes, and too it is interesting, than all will end.

Author: Andrew Zimoglyadov
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About the artwork

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Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Allegorical scene

Style of art: Expressionism

Technique: Acrylic, oil

Materials: Canvas

Date of creation: 1988

Size: 198×147.5 cm

Location: Tate, Liverpool

Artwork in selections: 5 selections

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