Vladimirovna Golovina

Russia • Moscow • born in 1993 • artist, art connoisseur
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She was born in 1993 in the village of Ivnya, Belgorod Region.
2000-2009 studied at Ivnyanskaya secondary school №1
2002-2007 studied at the children's art school, specializing in fine arts. Graduated with honors.
2009-2011 studied at the Oboyan Pedagogical College as a teacher of drawing and drawing.
2011-2015 studied at the Belgorod Institute of History and Arts, specializing in environmental design.
Diplomas and achievements:
2005 - Awarded with a diploma for active participation in competitions of children's creativity and social life of the school.
2006 - Awarded an honorary diploma for active participation in the Olympiad in the history of art.
2007 - 3rd place. Diploma for the participant of the All-Russian competition in drawing and painting "MASTER 2007".
2008 - was awarded a certificate of honor by the administration of the Ivnya district, for active participation in the competition for the best design for the design of the facades of apartment buildings in the village of Ivnya.
2008 - Awarded with a diploma for skill and creative work on a drawing in a regional graffiti competition dedicated to the Youth Day of Russia.
2020 - joined the Union of Russian Artists.

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