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Russia • Saint Petersburg • born in 1998 • artist
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On the shores of the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by fire-breathing mountain ranges, my life began. The isolation from the world, the unbridled power of the elements, the earthly beauty of a secluded corner of our country and the unusual fate of the people of a closed town, followed by frequent moves and new places - all this was imprinted in my childhood on the subcortex of my mind. The subcortex was absorbed into the crust, and that, in turn, became the ground for reflection and creativity. I have always been interested in the harmony of nature and man, the mystery of the phenomenon of life, bright destinies and distant stars, emotions and canvas, music and paints...
I am an amateur painter, I dropped out of art school at one time, as running and jumping was more interesting and entertaining for me than sitting for many hours in one place. Still, in my "college" years I was seated at a chair, I exhaled and then discovered this world in a new light. I want to share this light with you.
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