Alekseyevich Guzeyev

Russia • Sankt-Peterburg and Leningrad Oblast • born in 2003 • artist
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Biography and information

Initially, like probably many people, I was not into drawing. But, in 2013, when I was exactly ten years old, there was an advertisement for art magazines on TV, complete with a
which were art materials, paints, brushes, a small sketchbook and some other things. I borrowed these magazines from my dad, I think, let me draw all the materials, and that's it. But it wasn't like that - the process of drawing was too much of a drag.

And so, already in 2015, my grandmother and I are at the cottage, sitting and sewing a piece of an old duvet cover onto a piece of plywood, a piece of canvas. And so, without glue and primer, I painted the first two oil paintings (although before that I was a little afraid to touch this material). Then there were a few more works painted on ordinary fabric, only after some time I bought a primer.

In 2017, when I was a seventh-grader, an art studio teacher from the local cultural center came to our regular school to teach art lessons. I showed her my work, and she invited me to join her studio. And now, since 2017, I have been going there.

And in the middle of 10th grade, in December, 2 months before the start of the pandemic, I, still undecided about the choice of university, was thinking about where to go so that it would be connected with drawing. My parents and grandmother said to enter the university and get a profession, but only if you want, the main thing is that the higher education. Suggestions from the teacher was also a few - the theater (on the artist of the stage), RGPU named after A. I. Herzen (on the teacher-artist), well or Repin. Repin.

I didn't really want to go to the theater, and in Repin there was almost no chance - all the same, I painted in oil, without proper academic knowledge, for the soul. And I didn't even know about the existence of drawing as a direction. So the choice was made on the Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University.
Since 2012 I have been practicing in the art studio "artista", DK "Neva", Pontonny settlement.
Specialization: "Painting"
Participated in the exhibition of works at the plywood factory "Sveza". Settlement. Pontoonny.
Twice participated in the exhibition "our creativity to you, Vodokanal", from the State Unitary Enterprise Vodokanal SPB.
Two works hung in the lobby of the Izhorets swimming pool, in the "sports" exhibition.
Also together with the "Artista" group participated in exhibitions in the "Rybatskoye" Culture Center, "Fortuna" in the
Otradnoe, the Mayakovsky Cultural Center in Metallostroy, and the Nikolsky orphanage.
Among other things, I have participated in solo exhibitions at the Neva DC and the 400 School (2017, I'm in 7th grade).
He has twice participated in "Youth Petersburg 2023 (and 2024)" from the Artists Union.
It's easy to find me on the Internet, just typing "Guzeyev paintings" into the search engine the browser will give you the first 9 links to my web resources.