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born in 1998 •

Young artist, I am a member of the Professional Union of Artists of Rosiii.
I worked at the Shanye Dreaming Art Gallery in Qionghai, Hainan Island, China from November 2018 to January 2019. During this time I created 3 sculptures called WE ARE THE SAME and 6 paintings (https: //mp.weixin.qq. com / s / pdvGOP9fHUIuTC92vOrvbQ), one of which "SAY NO TO RACISM" later went to the final stage of the 2019 Walter Koschatzky Kunst-Preis competition, held in Vienna, Austria. This picture was published in the online catalog ( on page 92, and later sold in the opening day dedicated to this contest.
From July 19-24, 2019, two of my works: "Vessel" and "Exit" participated in the exhibition of young artists "Formation", held in the Exhibition Halls of the Union of Artists of Russia in the city of Arkhangelsk.
Also the picture "Vessel" participates in the competition "GO! NEW YORK!" from art gallery Rose, where the works of 3 finalists of the competition will go to New York for the opening day.
I am a member of The Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) in the direction of Contemporary Art, which takes place in August 2019.

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