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Flowers of Normandy

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1887, 72×60 cm • Oil, Canvas

Description of the artwork «Flowers of Normandy»

Henri Fantin-Latour was a "Studio" artist preferred to work in his Studio in Paris, argued that the work in the open air is not necessary. After marriage with Victoria Dubourg he began to spend the summer at her estate in Normandy. Still lifes of summer period can be recognized by light tones. The Paris workshop was windowless, and the light penetrated through the glass ceiling: the room was filled with cold light, which can be seen on his paintings.

Still life, written in Normandy, is a very different light and composition. We see bright colors, the simplicity, the flowers that fill the vase tightly. The artist conveys through color and simple structure picture of summer abundance and generosity of nature.

Author: Alexander Berezhnaya
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About the artwork
Subject and objects: Still life
Style of art and technique: Realism, Oil

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