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Hlib Museum !!! Цave to sound delicious! Chi knew mi, like a donkey, a goat, a turtle, a little serpent, a triton, three trochs of riboque, two small thor, ravliki, a mavpa and a father — in the zagalny, even Tsiliy Noiv ark. Kіlka focuses with a copy of our guide, and trochs are threatened by a lecture about those who are not in the museum of bread, but in the territory of the National Ecological Natural Center.
They didn’t notice that they had an excursion to the museum, they giggled at the old wheat bread, got acquainted with them, wondered at the tools, got bored for the cosmonauts, tropіkami, de mіstsevі pracіvniki virochuyut wildly grow roslini і one magnificent palm.
We were especially encouraged by the voluptuous donkey, who wanted to see all the guests at the passage of the Museum of Bread and School of Folk Crafts, dealers, museum to handicrafts, a robot from the village, weaving cats and magnificent totems.
Zahіd viyshov is wondrous, wild and uncontrollable, to navigate for the found values of hliba!
This text was originally published in Russian and automatically translated to English.