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Russia • Saint Petersburg • born in 1992 • artist
My name is Ilya Henok. I was born in a small town in the north of Russia. At the moment I live and do creative work in the city of St. Petersburg. I began my path as an artist, not yet reaching a conscious age in 2000, drawing graffiti on the streets of my native city. For a very long time, I painted exclusively font compositions, developed and formed the author's style.
With the advent of information sources, I began to be inspired by other artists and master various drawing techniques, the use of materials. By 2014, I almost walked away from drawing on the streets of the city, I was interested in the process of creating abstractions and assemblages. However, the spirit of street graffiti remains with me and now, so I consider myself an artist of the “street wave”.
Now I spend most of my time in my workshop. My “work” brings me great pleasure. I love to create and get high on the process. Each of my paintings or projects is a special state of immersion in a new experiment.
In my works, I use an unlimited number of materials: glass, concrete, gold leaf, polyurethane foam, oil and aerosol paints. As for styles, I like to combine abstractions with graphics.
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