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Artist and curator of the Art Group "6/57"

Inga prefers to create her works in oil painting techniques or acrylics. Lately she has been experimenting a lot - mastering the technique of mixed media and collage.

In 2001 Inga completed her studies - L.N. Tolstoy TSPU (Russian and English philology) and for many years was engaged in marketing in large organizations. Despite the fact that the artist worked in marketing for a long time, creativity has been present in her life since her childhood years. In recent years, Inga Savina has been trained in oil and acrylic painting and is now developing in the field of contemporary art.
The time of the pandemic turned everything upside down and the author had more time to be on her own.

"I heard my inner voice and realized what I really want to do." - inga Savina shares with us.

Thus, in the period 2020-2022 - the artist is completing courses in oil and acrylic painting by Yulia Kosheleva (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)
Next, in 2022 - Radiopaint Tatiana Ivankova's course (BVShD Moscow)
At the moment Inga is studying at the "Laboratory of Contemporary Art" of Evgeniya Voynar (resident of the 7th season of the Open Studios of CSI Winzavod)

We asked Inga Savina what is the inspiration for her: "My paintings reflect my inner journeys and my views on the world around me.
Through my art I strive to explore the depths of my inner world and find new ways to express myself.
My art is a metaphor for life itself. It invites you into a world of emotion, where colors and shapes are infused with feelings and ideas. Each painting tells its own story, like a map that opens up a world of possibilities and inspiration." - shared the girl.

"Thoughts become paint, and the heart becomes a canvas on which the most vivid and deepest stories of life are written." -this is how Inga characterizes her work.
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