A playback performance by the Corde Vita Theater under the direction of Tatiana Panfilova

Mostra 20 gennaio 2023
Corde Vita is not just theater!? It's an immersive theater of total improvisation, where the audience tells their stories, and the actors immediately act them out without any rehearsal or preparation. And no one knows what's going to happen in the next second or what the ending will be.

It's both tears and laughter and stupor!
It's catharsis, if you will!
And at least once, but everyone should participate!
In this theater, through your personal stories, you can learn about yourself!

The artists of the Corde Vita Theater have been successfully performing performances of the audience's personal stories for eight years.

Oleg Arapov
Yulia Prudchenko
Ekaterina Guseva
Elena Elizarieva

Vitaly Astashkin

Tatiana Vladimirovna Panfilova

Ticket can be purchased at the link- art-galereya-…t/2295930/

See you at Dresden Art Gallery, Moscow, Gostiny Dvor (Ilyinka 4), Khrustalny pereulok, 1, section 84

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