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Painting, 1876, 136×170 cm

Description of the artwork «Shipwreck»

Aivazovsky shipwreck, storm, hurricanes, storms wrote countless times. Sea – passion of his whole life, he portrayed it in all States. Once he even painted a picture called "From calm to storm" where on one canvas depicted all the sea state. But the raging of the sea were of particular interest. There is no fear, only excitement, inspiration, admiring the elements (1, 2, 3). That is depicted among hurricane people will definitely feel fear, and the artist conveys this, but the main mood of the picture the fear of man before the elements Aivazovsky is never still. Perhaps because the main character of his Marin man also becomes – this role was completely given to the sea and, arguably, the equivalent could apply except the sky. Therefore, any storm, the artist admires and invites us.

In 1844 conquered Europe young Russian marine painter was caught in a violent storm in the Bay of Biscay. The ship at the appointed time did not come into port, and there was a rumor that Michelangelo died. The owners of his paintings quickly clocked up the prices and got a good profit.

The artist lived for many more years, and about the event recalled, not otherwise than with delight: "Fear not suppressed in me the ability to perceive and keep in memory the impression made upon me a storm as divney live painting". This brings to mind another great marine painter – Turner, according to legend, demanded to bind himself to match the ship in the storm, in order to observe the storm from the inside. Turner and Aivazovsky met, Turner dedicated to Russian artist and the poem was left in complete awe of his paintings. And Aivazovsky, one of the legends, bought Turner's pigments. Maybe he taught your paint Shine like ternerovsky?

The painting of Ivan Aivazovsky "Shipwreck" shows the boat that the storm carries on the rocks. People in a boat are confused, they point to the saving Bank. But will they be able to hit the beach, or the boat will break on the rocks? We see people on the shore. Standing on a high cliff, they point into the distance, towards the sea. What is it? The storm destroyed the ship? Huge waves?

In the foreground is the famous "wave Aivazovsky" with white foam on the crest. Protruding rock with the people and the sea beside her, illuminated by the sun. It is a feature of storms Aivazovsky. Well said Armenian artist Martiros Saryan: "What a terrible storm we saw on the picture at the top of the canvas through the buildup of menacing clouds will always break the beam of light, even thin and weak, but announcing salvation... in it, this world, and the meaning of all is depicted by Aivazovsky storms". Possible, because from the worst hurricanes Aivazovsky not terrible, but captures the spirit of delight and grandeur of what is happening? A beam of light which is indeed present among all hurricanes, by its very existence denies a tragic ending.

The film was written in 1876. Aivazovsky pacify your palette, but less fascinating it became, on the contrary, has acquired a special subtlety and depth. So he wrote before the storm. Compared to the picture of the 1844 Shipwreck 1876 much more restrained in terms of brightness and variety of colors. The sky and the sea almost merges into the grey-green tone, which suddenly bright glare of the sun reflected on the water. And what are the nuances, what magnificent "variations on a theme of" this is green! From the sunlit shore, the water becomes snow-white-and-blue under the boat deepens to black in the foreground transparent emerald on the horizon, it seems that the sea takes on a different quality and becomes the sky. Although it's not really fair to say because Aivazovsky always began to write with the sky and completed it in one go, but to the sea could come and several times. And completing the picture, he has not made edits, except battle painting, naval opinion he listened and was able to tweak the finished picture if he pointed out technical inaccuracies.

Author: Alain Esaulova
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About the artwork

Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Marina

Style of art: Romanticism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Date of creation: 1876

Size: 136×170 cm

Artwork in selections: 31 selections

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