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Biography and information
Dutch painter Jan-Havix Steen known as a master of genre painting. Jan-Havika Steen is not only everyday scenes, but also landscapes, portraits, biblical composition. The artist's paintings are imbued good-natured, though somewhat crude folk humor. They are characterized by sharp, sometimes satirical characters, the skill in the depiction of figures, clothing and details.

The wizard

Names of famous paintings of Jan-Hawick:
• "Marriage at Cana";
• "Patient and doctor";
• "Toilet women" and others.
In the 1660-1670's. the artist was known throughout Holland. To this day, the audience appreciate the works of deep truthfulness, originality, humor and sincerity. Drawing on the canvases of the painter does not differ absolute correctness, but is a very confident and expressive, for colour harmony and warmth.
The titles of the works of Jan Steen, and other information about the master you will find on our portal.
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