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Yurievna Ivanova

Russia • born in 1981

Biography and information

I was born in the most beautiful city in Russia, where behind the walls of every house in the center there can be a treasure or a masterpiece that makes you marvel. I have traveled halfway around the world, from Moscow to Bali, and from Portugal to Mexico, and I have seen incredible, unique creations of Nature and human hands. I love this world in all its manifestations - from religion to IT-technology, from art to business, from everyday problems to the greatest human joys....
That's probably why I started to follow the call of my fingers and put on canvas what comes to my mind, from somewhere far away. I don't know how to paint - I have to learn. I don't know how to explain, sometimes you have to understand for yourself. But I feel a force that drives me to create what I want to show people. All of you. And to each of you, one by one.