Nikolaevna Yudaeva

Russia • artist
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Biography and information

In 2006, she graduated from VGIK, Faculty of Art.
Specialty: film and television artist, combination artist with a specialty in painting.
Masters: Kuznetsov Anatoly Vladimirovich and Petrov Victor Valentinovich.

I worked in the cinema, but the desire to paint was stronger.

- as of today have 100 works (painting, graphics)
- member of the Moscow Union of Artists of the Pictorial Section
- Participant of All-Russian exhibitions
- my paintings decorate the hallways of the tennis school in Skolkovo
- I participate in exhibitions and organize art parties.

My whole life is art. I grew up around artists, my grandfather is a painter, the environment had a huge influence on me. I worked in theater, advertising, creating music videos, and as an interior designer.

My power is development. I never stand still, am constantly fascinated by something new, interested in different aspects of life, working on myself. That's why I write in different genres, work in different styles, and approach each idea in an original way.

My mission: to inspire people with my projects, to give beauty that will encourage reflection. I am convinced that beauty is in everything, and that it can save the world.