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Владиславовна Ивлева

born in 1989 •
Ekaterina Ivleva was born in 1989. Since early childhood, she painted, and her parents encouraged her to do so. Paper, paints, felt-tip pens, brushes were always in the house and, as needed, bought more so that Katya could draw, and draw, and draw. In 1997, at the age of 8, she entered the children's art school of Sysert, in the Sverdlovsk region, she studied there for 9 years. Students of the art school mainly entered the Ural State Academy of Architecture and art, and Ekaterina in 2006 entered the Department of industrial design. After completing her bachelor's degree, she became a mother in 2010. Therefore, in my profession, so it was not able to work, sometimes she freelanced for the associated with graphic design, but not any special connection with the profession she had. As fate would have it, in 2012 she returned to her native art school, now as a teacher. In parallel with her work, she was engaged in the popular art of creating a textile doll at that time. As well as various kinds of needlework. I think it was a way of searching for a native occupation. In 2014 she became a mother for the second time and the search for her creative path continued. At school Ekaterina is a teacher of drawing and computer graphics. Plein airs with children and teachers, painting courses, organization of inserts and other creative activities brought Katya to what accompanied her all her life - this is drawing. And at the end of 2017, she realized that she needed to develop in this direction. She bought a sketchbook and oil, which never wrote and at first sight fell in love with this multifaceted paint. Now, in parallel with teaching, she began purposeful classes in drawing and painting. In the works of Catherine, you can see different themes and manner, because the way of searching for your thoughts is not over. But her desire, work and accumulated skills are sure to lead to success in the field of fine arts.
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    Рада приветствовать вас на моей страничке. Меня зовут Катя. Я всегда рисовала. Но не всегда понимала, что люблю это дело всем сердцем. Теперь я, преподавая в школе рисунок и другие дисциплины, целенаправленно развиваю свои навыки в изобразительном искусстве. Мне всё интересно, поэтому я рисую порой совершенно разные картины, это поиск мысли обязательно приведет меня к чему то более конкретному. Ну а сейчас я хочу поделиться своими нынешними картинами и найти своих покупателей и заказчиков.
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