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When body painting and famous art come together!
Photographer Tatiana Jablonskaya and makeup artist Oksana Vinogradova
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KAZIMIR MALEVICH had been working in the pure IMPRESSIONIST manner for 4 years and all his life he remembered his first art impression: "…I faced the unique phenomenon in my artistic perception of the Nature. A new white painted house was in front of me amid the trees, the day was shiny, the sky was cobalt, a shadow was on one side of the house and the other side was brightly lit by the sun. For the first time I saw light reflexes of a blue sky and pure and transparent tones. Since then I began working with light painting, heartwarming and sunny… Since then I have become an impressionist".
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Paintings of the 20th century are truly a great temptation for fraudsters specializing in fake art. The canvases, frames and paints of the period are easier to find than those of the paintings by old masters. It is often technically easier to copy directly the image itself – due to the features of avant-garde styles. The question is, rather, if it is possible to sell the fake subsequently at the…
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