Александрович Колосов

Russia • Nizhniy Novgorod • born in 1957 • artist
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Biography and information

Leonid A. Kolosov was born in 1957 in Siberia, in Sorokino village of Tyumen region.

In the late 50-ies, during the post-war mass migration, he with his parents moved to the Crimea, first in Dzhankoy, then to Kerch, where he spent his youth.

Leonid began to draw as a child - at first, as many boys, soldiers and war, and at school began to paint illustrations for Pushkin's fairy tales, then began to appear other topics and subjects.

Realizing his calling in childhood, choice of profession, Leonid already thought.

However, after high school, he had to forget about creativity - in 1978 he was called to military service and moved to Sebastopol, where for three years he served in the black sea fleet.
After returning from the service, Leonid entered Odessa theatrical and artistic school, which he graduated early, in 1984, after studying for three years instead of four. After service he studied with such zeal and desire that it after the first course transferred at once to the third.

After graduation, Leonid moved to Nizhny Novgorod.

Here he worked in three theatres: first as a decorative artist at the Nizhny Novgorod state academic Opera and ballet theatre. A. S. Pushkin, then, since 1985 - in the Nizhniy Novgorod Theatre of the Young Spectator, since 1999 the artistic Director of Chamber musical theatre of a name of Stepanova. In 2003, Leonid left the theater, having worked in them for a total of 19 years, and focused only on painting.

After graduating from College, Leonid worked mainly with etching and carving. Painting work began in 1990 with a series of "Mushroom season". Then there were fairy and mythological subjects. According to the artist, a powerful charge of his work gave an amazing atmosphere of the city.

Since 1995 Leonid has headed the club of Nizhny Novgorod unrealist artists called "Wanderers". It is known that travelers in Russia called not only wandering, but also "strange" people, unusual, wandering on world open spaces in search of harmony. The main task of the club is to gather extraordinary artists, with their vision and understanding of the world that can Express it unusually, not just copy the external reality.

Most of all, in his work Leonid Kolosov appreciates the opportunity to dream, to ascend over the bustle of life, to move away from the sometimes cruel reality.

Since 1984 he has been an artist-decorator of the Nizhny Novgorod state academic Opera and ballet theatre. Of A. S. Pushkin.

Since 1985 the artist-designer of the Nizhniy Novgorod theatre of the young spectator.

Since 1986 participates in city, regional, all-Russian and foreign exhibitions (Belgium, Germany, Czechoslovakia, England, Canada, Spain).

1990-exhibitions of theatre artists.

1993 – a spectacular series of "Mushroom season".

1993-personal exhibition "Space mushrooms".

Since 1993-solo exhibitions in Nizhny Novgorod and region.

In 1993-1996-member of the Union of theatre workers of Russia.

Since 1994-member of the international Union of artists.

Since 1995 - member of the club of artists-irrealists "Wanderers".

From 1999 to 2003 artistic Director of the Chamber music theatre. Stepanov's.

Issued about two hundred books-fairy tales, fiction, novels.

Member of the Union of artists of Russia.

Works in the technique of engraving, etching, pastel, oil.
Subjects of works: ancient Slavic mythology, fairy tales, fantasy , mysticism.

Works are in museums in Nizny Novgorod and private collections in Russia, England, Germany, Spain, Canada, USA.
Subjects of works: ancient Slavic mythology, fairy tales, fantasy (fantasy), mysticism.
Critics marked the style of] the new term "irrealism".
The artist is widely known in Russia. Unfortunately, there are many cases of selling counterfeit works in St. Petersburg, Moscow and some other cities.
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