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Born in Moscow into a family of power engineers. She lived for many years in the city of Bryansk, where she received her first art education as an artist-master of miniature painting. After returning to Moscow, she studied for 4 years at the University of Printing. Fedorov. As an artist-technician, I worked for a very small amount of time, because I decided to be a mother and wife no less interesting artist than myself. During the time spent in the close circle of the family, a huge number of interests and desires have accumulated, which are only now being realized. I am not rushing things, because I believe that every step and every expectation is important.
If for you creativity is thinking and constructing thoughts, then you should come to me.

My activity:

January 2012 -
december 2017
6 years
"Batik Plus" art studio, Moscow
Culture and art. State institutions, public organizations. Education and Science. less than 10 employees. https://kubaizon.wixsite.com/batikplus
documentation management, technical preparation of lessons, decoration of exhibitions.

January 2001 -
May 2005
4 years 5 months
"ECM-Moscow", Moscow
Fuel and energy complex, energy, extraction of raw materials. over 300 employees. http://msu.ecm.ru
creation of drawings (wiring diagrams, equipment)

January 1999 -
March 2001
2 years 3 months
prepress artist
printing house at the Military Conducting Faculty of the Conservatory. Tchaikovsky, Moscow
Services sector. Media, publishing houses, advertising. Culture and art. less than 10 employees.
prepress image processing.

June 1994 -
August 1994
3 months
junior medical worker
1st city hospital, Bryansk
Medicine and Pharmacy. over 300 employees.
Sanitary and hygienic maintenance of the premises of the neurosurgery department. Nursing. Maintaining information documentation about the state of health of patients. Assistance to nursing staff in carrying out procedures and manipulations.
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