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Titarenko Leah (Lukerya, Lookarea) She graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute in 1993, the faculty of ZhOS, an architect-restorer. Architect Designer The last three years "I go the way of the artist." Member of the IHF since 2018. About 20 collective exhibitions. The works are in private collections, including abroad, there is work in the museum fund. Since 2007, I have been conducting the summer author's art auction "ARTSTRELKA-69", charity exhibition-sales, and charity art-lotteries in the village of Strelka. In 2019, my story with illustrations was included in the collection "Northern Tales" of the volunteer organization Common Affair. I am in constant creative search. Creative credo: “COMPARE AND PREFER” Watch, study, use. For technical reasons (lack of a workshop) I work in small formats, mainly at nature or events, quickly, fluently, expressively. At the moment, this is my creative method, my study of reality and the way I interact with it. Concept and conscious approach.