Luis Ricardo

Spain • 1851−1896
Luis Ricardo Falero (Luis Ricardo Falero, May 23, 1851 - December 7, 1896), Duke Labransano - Spanish artist, known for his works with nude female kind, made in a mystical, mythological way. These imaginary plots of the wizard are later attributed to the origins of the fantasy genre.

Features creativity Luis Falero: in the artist's work, one can trace his hobbies for astronomy, orientalism, mysticism. In almost every painting, Falero places a nude female figure, made with maximum realism. The entourage of nude is celestial bodies and constellations, exotic oriental costumes or amazing fantastic creatures. The artist recreates female bodies with mesmerizing hyperrealism, so that the surrounding constellations, fabulous flowers, demons and fairies no longer seem like a hoax. That is why the Spaniard's paintings capture the viewer's attention and make them believe in the reality of what is happening on the canvas - albeit not in the real, but in the imaginary world. It is interesting to note the similarity of the types of female images in the artist's works with the heroines of the paintings William Bouguereau (1925 - 1905).

Famous paintings by Louis Falero: "Twin Stars", "Woman butterfly", "Witches ...".

The future painter at the age of sixteen abandoned his career as a naval sailor and moved to Paris, where he studied chemistry, industrial engineering and art. Exhibited in the Paris Salon from 1878 to 1885. In 1887 he finally settled in London and devoted himself entirely to oil painting. He died at the age of 45 in a university college hospital in London. Mysterious oriental beauties, fabulous girl-angels and frightening female witches, created by the artist for such a short life, still enjoy success. In 2008, at the Sotheby's auction, the painting The Sorceress was sold for 167 thousand dollars.

The author: Victoria Volkova
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