Fans of green

Marc Chagall • Painting, 1917, 69.7×49.5 cm
About the artwork
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Art form: Painting
Subject and objects: Portrait
Style of art: Cubism
Technique: Oil
Materials: Canvas
Date of creation: 1917
Size: 69.7×49.5 cm
Artwork in selections: 14 selections

Description of the artwork «Fans of green»

Marc Chagall returned from Paris to his native Vitebsk in 1914. Here his beloved woman, whom he married, was waiting for him - contrary to the opinion of his relatives, but according to all the prescribed Jewish canons. Mark and Bella were drawn to each other strongly, passionately, furiously. This was reflected in the work of the aspiring artist - he paints double portraits, depicting himself and Bella, young and beautiful, so attractive, so passionate ... Love in his paintings plays with violent, bright colors - during this period Chagall wrote the series "Lovers" in different colors and shades: "Pink Lovers", "Blue Lovers", "Green Lovers", "Gray Lovers"... The colors are different, but the heroes are the same: Chagall himself and his beloved Bella.

The painting "Lovers of Green" is stylistically very close to the work "Gray Lovers" (1917, Georges Pompidou Center). Bella is depicted in the same wine-red dress with a lace collar. The couple visually soars against a green background with elements of geometric solutions characteristic of the cubists. Bella gazes into the distance, impassive but wary. Chagall depicted himself as completely pacified, his head resting on his wife's chest. As with the rest of the double portraits of the Lovers series, the picture is characterized by subtlety of color tones and transitions.

Lovers of Green was written around the time when the Chagalls had their first - and only - daughter, Ida. Perhaps in this picture, Bella listens - is the baby crying while her dear husband bowed his head on her chest? Or maybe this is what a satisfied passion looks like? ... The artist himself was very fond of these double portraits, as well as the painting"Bella in a white collar" (1917), and kept these works with him until his death.