Vadimovna Yakovleva

Russia • Moscow • born in 1994 • artist
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Biography and information

Marianna Yakovleva is a modern artist and designer. Creates conceptual works, which are based on the synthesis of abstract and realistic art. Marianna uses a combination of a bold composition of monumental forms, rich colors and contrasting effects created with the help of the author's painting technique.

Born in 1994 in Moscow. Since 2013, Marianna has been working as an artist and designer. In 2000-2011 studied at the school of arts (Moscow, Russia). In 2012, she became a student at the Stroganov Moscow State Art and Industry Academy (MGHPA), from which she graduated in 2016.
Marianna is interested in contemporary art, participating in exhibitions of artists organized by the Moscow Union of Artists (MUCH) and the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). Among other exhibition venues, Marianna presented works at the Central House of Artists (CHA), Flaconet Design Factory. In 19 years, held a solo exhibition in Serbia.
Lives and works in Moscow, Russia.