Russia • born in 1979
In my writing, I explore the theme of interconnectedness. Nothing anywhere is ever by itself. There is always something between two objects, no matter how small or large. People call it "attraction," "indifference," "opposition," "love," "hate.

But this is nothing more than an interpretation. The world of people-the world we see, feel, and think-is a world of relationships. In my work, I seek to capture the thin thread that connects everything to everything. To trace its pattern. Twisted, tangled, but never interrupted. Neither in the course of life, nor after it.

The main character of my work is Moreau. The world soul, the part that is present in every organism, every cell and every atom. The force that fills the world with the breath of life and is its connecting link.

My work was greatly influenced by the masters of fiction: Ray Bradberry, Lao She, Robert Shackley, Alexander Belyaev. In their works, I saw the same theme of interconnectedness. They showed that the answers I was looking for did not always lie in plain sight and were far from as obvious as they seemed at first glance.

I work on natural linen canvas with acrylic paints. For me it's the connection between the natural world and the man-made world. Their combination allows me to create something new.

After defining the topic of the series of works, I study the attitudes of philosophers, scholars, and artists toward this question. I analyze attitudes, social memes, and discourses.
I use the creation of volumes very conventionally, with a great contrast between light and shadow. My goal is to immerse the viewer in the depths of the work, to create a desire to look into the depths. First, to the characters, then to myself.

I want the viewer to take the silence away with them after viewing the work.

The silence that is the beginning and the end of all that was and all that will be.
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