Vasilyevna Bogoyavlenskaya

Russia • born in XXI century

Biography and information

2002-2006. Religious Art" GDO MGDD(Y)T
2006-2008. History of Art and Architecture" of MGDD(Y)T
2004-2007. Florists and Designers GDO and
"Plant Arrangement" MGDD(Y)T

In 2005 and 2006 she took part in the festival "Young Talents of Moscovia", where she won first place in the nominations "Transport Collage" and "Collage Plane Landscape".
In May 2021, she took part in the collective art exhibition "Motherhood and Childhood" at Art Gallery "Format".
In June 2021, she participated in the International Collective Exhibition "Lovers of the Sea" at Art Gallery "Format
Since February 2022 he has been a member of the Animalist Artists' Union.