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born in 1989 •
All my childhood and all my youth, the spheres of my interests expanded and changed. Hobbies spanned the range from martial arts to working as a model and fashion model. Perhaps the only thing the girl Nastya really did all her life was painting. I painted my worlds ...

In 2011, I graduated with honors from the university, several years were aimed at building a career in IT. But even development in a leadership position did not bring me the expected joy and satisfaction. Once I woke up with a thought formulated as if not by me: “I do not live my life ...”

Love for art, creativity, drawing and painting ... This is love that managed to capture me completely and forever.

Each picture becomes an experiment for me, allowing me to know the world around and the people in it, and ... my world.
My art makes me more holistic, gives me the opportunity to play many other lives and roles throughout my life. Dozens of internal "I" discover each other, interact, engage in dialogue, play, fight and make peace. Man meets with the Divine, with the Divine within himself - he meets with himself.
Balancing, he seeks a balance between light and darkness, male and female, good and evil, angel and demon within himself ...

In the deepest sense, the secret of creativity is the secret of freedom. And art just does not tolerate labels, I think that the viewer needs to leave freedom of interpretation of ideas. Although I always try to fill the paintings with a lot of hints and semantic tones, I never insist on their only interpretation. My picture is just an entry point for a deeply personal journey of each of the interested viewers.

I like to experiment with textures, materials and ways to achieve a variety of artistic ideas.

I find very expressive the combination in one work of colorful, free pictoriality and a clear graphic of individual elements.

If you try to attribute the painting of Anastasia Mirre to a certain direction, then it would combine the features of symbolism, impressionism, surrealism, cosmism, metarealism, abstractionism, elements of decorative painting, naive, modern, etc.


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