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born in 1983 •
Nelly Roseau was born in the city of Kiev in the family of a serviceman. Her career as an artist began in childhood, her mother sent Nelly to an art school. Then, in childhood, the artist’s paintings were already shown at exhibitions. The girl decided not to stop at a thin school in 2000. entered the Moscow Slavic Institute at the faculty "Design of the architectural environment." After graduating from the institute in 6 years, the artist built a career in fashion.
But, feeling the urge to paint, she decided to return to the canvases and paints. At the first organized exhibition, the artist bought a painting. In the future, her works were exhibited in various places in Moscow, Kazan, France. https://instagram.com/nelly_roseau?igshid=1fbrcnfr1pv2z


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